Helping the vines grow by monitoring their health and the presence of diseases in vineyards using advanced satellite technology on a user-friendly platform.

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Sharpsat aims to revolutionize crops health monitoring and diseases detection with sustainable and advanced technloogies with an important impact in the reduction of overall treatments.


Our web platform

Our platform supports farmers decisions by displaying areas of stress directly on the vineyard map, enabling time-based visualization and easy navigation between non-adjacent vineyards.


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Our platform supports farmer decisions by showing the area of stress directly on the vineyard map, allowing visualization in the time but also to move easily between vineyards not adjacent.

Plant Health Indicator

Elevate your crop monitoring with our Plant Health Indicator, based on an NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) map. Ranging from vibrant green to cautionary red, this map vividly illustrates the health status of your crops. By analyzing vegetation density and vigor, farmers can swiftly identify areas of concern, facilitating timely intervention to optimize crop health and yield.

Hydration Plant Indicator

Quench your crops thirst effectively with  our Hydration Plant Indicator, depicted  through a comprehensive Moisture Map.  From lush green to concerning red, this map visualizes moisture levels across your fields, guiding precise irrigation strategies. 

Downy Mildew Indicator

Combat the threat of Downy Mildew with  our AI-powered Detection and Prediction Map.  Featuring a spectrum from green to red, this map highlights areas at risk of infestation, allowing  farmers to implement targeted preventative measures.  By leveraging predictive analytics and real-time monitoring, farmers can thwart the spread of this  destructive disease, safeguarding crop quality  and profitability. 

And much more coming soon...

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At Sharpsat we are transforming the way the growers monitor vines' health.

The platform will process high resolution
satellite images through our proprietary
machine learning algorithm over the
vineyards of interest. Maps will be updated
every few days, allowing growers to take
timely decisions over treatments or other
types of actions on the vineyard

Localized treatments

Monitoring periodically the health of the plants allows the grower to detect immediately the presence of a disease and act in a local way, avoiding an enlargement
of the attacked area and reducing the
treated area.


Who is making this happen?

Alessandro Esperti

With a robust background spanning over 1 5 years in the space industry, Alessandro guides our team with a wealth of experience and commitment to our mission. Alessandro’s journeys driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact in the agritech sector, one step at a time.

Gustavo Quintela

His journey blends over a decade of software engineering expertise with a passion for space exploration. Gustavo
seeks to leverage technology to empower farmers, recognizing the transformative potential of satellite imagery in agricultural


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